About Me

Hi, my name is Amy!

I am a Christian, a wife, and a mother….and in that order! My husband and I have been married for five years now. I have two daughters. My oldest is 13 years old and my youngest is 16 months old! They are my entire world. God blessed me with my husband, who blesses me every day with the capability to be able to be a full time mom to my girls. I love that I am able to be there for them when they need me, school functions, or just to play and hang out.

Random facts about me: I love CHOCOLATE! (Seriously, can’t get enough of it!) I also love an occasional Starbucks now and then (but it must be Decaf) call me crazy, I know, but that is simply ME! I am shy, but I can “fake it till I make it”. I am just a simple person, and that is what just “simply” makes me happy!

Why Photography? Well, when my first daughter was born, I started to get the urge to take cute pictures of her. I would try to pose her and try to make back drops (out of white, linen, wrinkled sheets). I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t good at it, but I tried and that is what mattered. Over the years, I wanted to learn more about the art of photography. In that timeframe, we came into the digital world of photography. The camera I owned for the longest time was a little digital Kodak Easy Share Camera. I loved taking pictures and playing with different lighting. I did as much as I could with that little camera. Finally, one Christmas, my husband surprised me with my first DSLR! I quickly learned that there was more to photography than just “auto” button. Before I knew it, I was learning “manual”. Photography for me: enjoy it, love it, want to learn as much as I can about it and never stop! I will never stop trying to improve my craft! So again, “why photography”? I just can’t get enough of it and the simple joy it brings to me.

What side of photography is for me? Well, I Love natural and lifestyle photography. I love to capture a family in their element, having a family moment, being silly, or a child simply “smelling the roses”….after all, it’s those kinds of memories we love to preserve for a lifetime.

What made me want to do this as a profession? I love the ART that photography is all about. I love figuring out light, textures, smiles, poses….I just plain LOVE it! Other than raising my beautiful girls, being a wife and a homemaker, this is IT! This is just for ME. So, I figured, why not make my profession the thing I enjoy doing most!

Finding a photographer is easy. Affording a photographer is another story. My prices are what they are because I think everyone should have a chance at preserving the memories that they want to have.

That is a little bit about me. I cannot wait to hear all about you! So, book a session!

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